Natural Mercury Detox ification For Your Health

Posted on 20 March 2017, by Ann Moss

I didn't understand why I had been getting so sick lately. I am normally a pretty health-conscious person, and I don't get sick often. And I had been sick more in the previous nine months than I had been in the past nine years. I eat well, I exercise, I take care of myself overall- so what was it? Then I began to realize The Health Problems Linked To Mercury Fillings for myself.

I had been getting my old silver amalgam dental fillings removed because the mercury that is in them is dangerous for the body. In my research, I found that mercury attacks the brain and has been linked to many symptoms and conditions, such as irritability, depression, and alzheimer's disease, as well as many other problems.

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In fact, the effects of mercury on the brain are so well-known that the expression "Mad as a Hatter," actually comes from the fact that mercury was previously used in the hat-making business, and the "hatters" would become "mad" from exposure to this hazardous substance. So why is this acknowledged poison still being put into our mouths by many dental professionals around the world? Why does the dental establishment still say it is safe, when mercury is known to be such a highly poisonous substance?

While I was correct in getting my dental fillings removed, what I didn't realize is that getting the fillings out actually sends more dangerous mercury into your body in the short-term. And I was reacting. I was feeling sick and rather fatigued. I began researching methods of Natural Mercury Detoxification.

There was so much information out there on both natural and pharmaceutical methods to remove the mercury from my body. I read and I read much of the available information on this topic.

Since I try to stay away from all pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary, I chose the natural path. After LOTS of research on Natural Mercury Detoxification, I discovered the best way to safely and effectively detoxify myself from all the mercury in my body.

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It you still have (or have ever had) silver amalgam fillings in your mouth, I strongly recommend that you test yourself for mercury toxicity. If you find that you do have mercury in your system, I suggest you learn all you can about mercury detox. For your own health and well-being.